Sunday, January 3, 2010

We Can't Lose

Up until now the war that was going on in Vietnam wasn't considered a war, at least not for our country. American soldiers were over there, but officially they were just there to train and advise the South Vietnamese army; to help them beat the communists from the north.
But now here in March of 1965 I see on the news and in Life Magazine that American Marines are landing there. Over three thousand marines walking ashore. Real combat troops. I guess we're not just policemen and teachers anymore. I suppose I'll be reading about great battles and sweeping marches and jungle warfare in the papers now.
I can't imagine those Viet Cong guys in their black pajamas standing up to United States Marines.
Marines, aircraft carriers and jet fighters, American artillery all backing up the government of South Vietnam. There's no way the communists will be able to win now.
President Johnson said last year that he wasn't seeking a wider war in Vietnam. He's only sending a few thousand so I guess that means the war should be over quickly.
Just a few thousand marines - that's all it should take.
Yeah, this war should be over soon.