Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sex Ed: 1965

I'm 13. I'll be 14 at the end of the year. I think about girls a lot more than I used to. A lot more. I don't do anything about it, mind you, it's all just thinking. The female body has become a lot more interesting. I notice I pay more attention to things like the swimsuit competition during the Miss America pageant.
I know next to nothing about girls, and I know absolutely nothing about sex. I know someone is supposed to have a long talk with me about the birds and the bees one of these days, but who will it be, my father? My father finds it hard to express any emotions, so I doubt he'll be the one to tell me about sex.
I hear we'll have some kind of sex education in school some day. I can't imagine what that will be like. Guys laugh out loud in class when the word bird or cock is read aloud, what are they going to be like if we're in a classroom and the teacher actually uses the word penis?
What will sex ed. be like I wonder? Will they give us kissing lessons using one of those CPR type dummies?
How are they going to explain it to us?
Will it be with diagrams like when I make a model airplane? Insert penis (A) into female vaginal opening (B), and commence thrusting and gyrating?
How is a teacher going to explain all that to us and not get embarrassed?
How will the teacher keep us all from laughing?
There are guys in gym class who cover up their genitals when we shower, how are they gonna react? I bet they pass right out.
I want to know. I need to learn this stuff if I'm ever gonna have the confidence to ask a girl out on a date.
I just wish I knew who was gonna tell me about it.
Maybe they could explain these dreams I'm having and what happens to me after I've had them.
I'm going through a lot of underwear.
Man, this becoming a teenager isn't easy, you know?